Kreativ Rehab’s Holiday Cheer

By December 22, 2014Blog, Brand, Self Promotion
Kreativ Rehab Client Holiday Cheer

One of the perks of being a Kreativ Rehab client or partner is that you get cool packages like this one during the holiday season. With retro items making a huge comeback, flasks are the latest must-have this year, featured in Now Toronto’s Holiday Gift Guides here and here. The funny thing is, we thought of the idea before the paper was even published! (How’s that for being on the pulse of trends?)

Kreativ Rehab Client Holiday Card

Trends aside, we felt the flask was true to our “remedy” brand, as alcohol is one of the oldest remedies around – and can actually be used to clean wounds and as a sterilizing medium.(1) Not that we are encouraging the consumption of alcohol – the package encourages recipients to fill the flask with their “cheer” of choice.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Kreativ Rehab!


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